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Written By Steve Benjamins

Wordpress is not a website builder— it's a content management system (or CMS). The difference is important. Website builders include hosting and tend to be easier to use. Wordpress does not include hosting and has a steeper learning curve— but is much more flexible. You can read more about the differences here.

Because Wordpress does not include hosting, finding a good Wordpress host is really important. Unfortunately searching best Wordpress host on Google is a minefield. Results are plagued by fluffy reviews recommending Wordpress hosts that also happen to pay large commission payouts. I want to avoid that. This is my attempt at an honest guide.

My Recommended Hosts for 2019

Like other review sites, I also make money on affiliate links— but my hope is that as you read this article, you'll see that my recommendations are based on research and my honest assessment.

So how did I come to this conclusion? Here is how I sort through the hundreds of Wordpress host options.

Nothing Is Truly Unlimited

It's common for Wordpress hosts to advertise unlimited bandwidth and storage. But is it truly unlimited?

配资门户网You can probably guess the answer: it's not unlimited. There's no such thing as unlimited. It's one of the more brazen marketing lies.

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iPage advertises unlimited bandwidth and storage but what does that actually mean?

Instead, when a host advertises unlimited bandwidth or storage they just mean they're not setting a specific limit. Instead they expect you to use bandwidth or storate "appropriately". If you don't use it "appropriately", they reserve the right to terminate your hosting. So who decides what's "appropriate"? They do, of course.

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配资门户网BlueHost advertises unlimited hosting but they'll terminate your account if you use too much...

配资门户网Neither of my recommended Wordpress hosts ( and ) advertise "unlimited" bandwidth or storage. Instead they tell you the exact amount you can use. It's much better to know your limits than to have to live by some hidden, arbitrary limit set by the webhost.

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SiteGround tells you exactly how much bandwidth and storage you can use.

So when comparing two web hosts, you might decide to go with the "unlimited" web host— but I would caution against that. You might totally be fine and never run into problems on an unlimited host. But there is risk.

Speed & Uptime

When you pay for a Wordpress host you're not actually getting your own physical server. Instead you're paying to share space on a server with other Wordpress websites. This is what shared配资门户网 hosting means.

Shared hosting is a necessary thing. Running your own physical server (called dedicated hosting配资门户网) costs $100+ / month so shared hosting lowers the barrier to entry. But there's also a catch: shared hosting relies on the web host to not overload the server with too many websites. Unfortunately overloading is a common way for a Wordpress host to increase profit margins.

Dedicated.png?1558450107?ixlib=rails 2.1

配资门户网Overloading happens when too many websites are hosted on a single shared server— which will degrade the performance and lead to downtime.

配资门户网So one of the keys when looking for a Wordpress host is to look for a host that isn't overloaded. Fortunately there is a lot of research out there to help. I recommend which publishes excellent benchmarking reports. One of the reasons I feel comfortable recommending and is because they are high-performers in their reports.

You can also do your own testing with tools like . It tells you the speed of any website— so you'll need a website using the web host to test. (One note if you do this: you really should base your decision off of an aggregate of websites. It's possible one website from a host is on an underloaded server while another website from the same host could be on an overloaded server.)

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Pingdom's website speed test is a helpful tool for testing server speed.

配资门户网You can go deep (really deep) researching speed and uptime— I'd caution you not to go overboard. Because there are plenty of other things that impact website speed— for example: nothing slows down a Wordpress website more than overloading it with janky plugins. Being careful about which plugins you install is still the most impactful thing you can do for website speed.

Learn More — Read , or browse the and forums.

Customer Support

配资门户网Don't expect outstanding service if you're paying less than $10 / month.

配资门户网With customer support, you get what you pay for— and good customer support costs money.

Usually cheaper hosts try to avoid human contact between the customer as much as possible by suggesting help and knowledgebase articles. You probably don't want that— imagine your car is broken and the mechanic just throws you the manual. Not ideal! Furthermore it can take time and effort to get your ticket raised to a top tier of support on cheaper web hosts. Sometimes it takes forever.

is a great way to check out a hosts customer service record— it aggregates Tweets about web hosting companies. (SiteGround has the highest rating forr shared hosting, another reason why I recommend it.)

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配资门户网Review Signal is a handy way to check a hosts customer service record.

What is Managed Hosting?

配资门户网Managed is sort of a catch-all term that's become popular in Wordpress host marketing.

Basically it means that the host has created tools to automate or simplify tasks like security, backups and performance. It also can include features such as staging environments.

Kinsta.jpg?1558446352?ixlib=rails 2.1

Managed Wordpress hosts like Kinsta have a seperate interface with tools for migrations, backups and more.

You'll definitely want backups. Working without backups can feel like working without a safety net. What happens if you accidently delete a database field? Knowing you can roll-back to yesterdays backup reduces the risk of something going horrible wrong.

Security is about active and passive monitoring. For example, Kinsta monitors its websites uptime in order to detect things like DDOS attacks.

Note — Remember, the best way to keep your Wordpress website secure is to keep Wordpress upgraded to the latest version!

What About BlueHost?

BlueHost is one of the most well-known names in Wordpress hosting. WooCommerce them. Pat Flynn . And lots and lots of . Unfortunately I believe Bluehost is widely promoted because they provide high affiliate payouts. I do not recommend them.

You don't have to search long in to find negative stories about Blue Host:

Bluehost sucls.png?1558013155?ixlib=rails 2.1

配资门户网Web hosting forums like Reddit are full of negative stories about Blue Host.

Plus when I tested BlueHost for this review, I noticed they added additional items to my shopping cart during checkout配资门户网 (see screenshot below). This is extremely deceptive!

Bluehostaddsitems.png?1557926331?ixlib=rails 2.1

I did NOT add these items to my shopping cart.

Avoid EIG Web Hosts

Avoid any web hosting company owned by EIG. They are the bane of the Worpdress hosting industry.

Eighosting.jpg?1558013202?ixlib=rails 2.1

A list of EIG owned web hosting companies. Via

All EIG hosts seem to suffer the same fate: slow support and slow sites (largely due to overselling). Plus, I've found many of them engage in shady billing practices— for example, BlueHost (owned by EIG) adds additional items into your shoping cart during checkout without telling users (see above).

配资门户网Unfortunately EIG has bought up a large chunk of the Wordpress hosting space— they own . This includes BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster, Homestead, HostGator, iPage, Site5.

No one knows the total amount of EIG properties because they EIG tries not to publicize when they purchase a host as they have a reputation for ruining the hosts they purchase.

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